Vermont, Part 2

JFN_2713 2

With the Clean Contest Concours de’Elegance behind us, we now had several touring trips planned to explore the resort, local area and parts of Canada.

We joined a group and drove over to Burlington, VT for lunch at the Boathouse on the Waterfront.


The waterfront park is wonderful.  Lots of places to sit in the shade.  A very pretty and peaceful place.

Burlington Lake Champlain

Burlington – Lake Champlain

The skies were amazing!  I couldn’t stop taking photos of them.

Abercorn, Quebec

On another day we participated in the Michelin Driving Experience.  They have you drive a course in a vehicle with all Michelin tires.  Then they have you drive an identical vehicle with another name brand tire for comparison.  Now I didn’t get much private time with ELPH’s Girlfriend drive ELPH’s car and I don’t really care about the tires but I had a GREAT time on this short course!

Happy! Happy!

Happy! Happy!

We took the Tram to the top of the ski hill…


Top of Jay Peak

Top of Jay Peak


And on yet another day we took a dinner cruise on Lake Memphremagog that took us up into Canada.  The Canadian border on the lakes islands are marked in this way.

Canadian Border Lake Magog

Left = Canada                                                                                                Right = Vermont

The sunset that evening was spectacular.

Sunset on Lake Memphremagog

Sunset on Lake Memphremagog

I took over a thousand photos over this vacation.  Not many by professional standards but I was surprised.  All were taken either with my Android cell phone or tablet.

I’ll leave you with this ‘drive by’ photo….

Outside BurlingtonVT





A Visit to Vermont

About a year ago ELPH brought home a new German Girlfriend.  We took her on a road trip to her Family Reunion, this year taking place in Jay Peak, Vermont.  She behaved brilliantly on the over 2,000 mile round trip trek.   I went prepared for several long days in a very small vehicle.

Car Knitting & Audio Books

Car Knitting & Audio Books

Our trip was mechanically uneventful.     We sure do live in some pretty country.


We were going to arrive in Jay too early to check-in to our condo so, we stopped in at Retro Automotive in Claremont, New Hampshire for BBQ and a Covered Bridge Tour.

Claremont, NH Covered Bridges Tour

The Pig was Delicious!!

The bridges were very Cool!

We arrived at the Jay Peak Resort to Spring flowers in bloom SpringLupine


and a in very dirty car.







But it didn’t stay dirty for long.  ELPH had entered one of the Concours competitions and started cleaning as soon as we arrived.


All to avoid said car cleaning  I unpacked our luggage, explored the Resort and did a Volunteer Shift.


He took 4th place!  Not too shabby for his first ever car cleaning competition Concours!



To be continued………..

A New Year


You’ll have to forgive me.  I just love this photo.  It makes me happy and peaceful.

Mild Christmas

The week or so leading up to Christmas was sunny and warm.  So much so that I had the windows   and doors open while I   listened to classic Christmas songs and decorated the tree.

Christmas was spent quietly here at home with my ELPH and Fur Kids.


New Years Eve was spent at a good friends just down the street with most of the      neighborhood in attendance.  Lots of food, football,  drinks and fireworks.


My sister ‘Sally’ and her family came to stay with us for the week between Christmas & the New Year.  I love having them   here. We managed to    get a couple really nice days without rain.  We all saw the new Star Wars movie.

Sis, Niece & a Friend of mine all went  to Uptown Art in Clemson and painted.  This is the fourth painting class I’ve done.

barn in snowI am by no means extraordinarily talented.  I couldn’t paint an original painting to save my life but I can copy the crap out of someone else work, LOL!  I really enjoy these classes.

In Knitting News;  I actually completed more, albeit small projects than I originally thought.  How do I spend so much time knitting and have so little to show for it?

2015 ProjectsAll but the headband were gifts and don’t I just look thrilled with my headband?

Our LYSO (local yarn store owner) has retired after 30 years.  They tried selling the business and building with no serious takers.  They liquidated their inventory and closed the shop.  Which means my knitting group had to find a new place to meet each week.  Luckily one of the ladies lives in a neighborhood with a Clubhouse Meeting Room.  It’s usually used for HOA meetings or neighborhood parties.  It’s turning out to be perfect.  We are all very grateful to still be able to gather for our S&B :)

It’s been a rainy Fall & Winter so far and the Hiking Group has been washed out more times than not.  For personal reasons I haven’t hiked with them yet this season.  I hope to get a few in though.  Since Christmas the weather has turned cold (as it should this time of year).  Turns out I’m a fair weather shooter.  If it’s cold, and windy I stay home from the Skeet Field and if I can get away with it, in my pajamas all day :D

Blog Interrupted……

My Ever Loving Patient Husband (ELPH) has a new Girlfriend.


She’s German,





and blonde.


He has frequently been slipping out at night to go driving with her.


2015 Porsche Cayman at the East Fork Overlook, Pisgah National Forest, Blue Ridge Parkway


You could even say she is mail order – made to order.  ELPH ordered her in October  and first started seeing her in February.  Several times a week about 9pm he would announce “I’m going for a drive.”  He LOVES this car!  And it is his car.  He has always wanted a Porsche and now he has her.


I’ve driven it and  it’s amazing!  But I also  really enjoy riding in it. We took a trip up to French Lick, Indiana in June for the yearly Porsche (its pronounced Porsch-a,  just so you know) Convention.  There were over a thousand Porsche there from all over the United States.  60 years of  models.

IMG_7042 IMG_7043













..I was a little concerned about the car being comfortable on long drives and how much  luggage it would hold.  She surprised my on both counts.


..We took two leisurely days to  reach Indiana stopping in the very quaint college town of  Berea, KY.   We stayed and ate dinner at the Boone Tavern hotel.  We browsed several  artsy shops and ELPH even found a yarn store for me!!   He and the shop owner talked  cars while I meandered the tiny shop for nearly an hour :)  Yes, I bought yarn and a  pattern.  No I didn’t need it.  Oh!  Did I say that out loud??



We have since started taking mid-week drives up into the mountains of North Carolina  and along the Blur Ridge Parkway.  ELPH rally enjoys the handling of the car and a  couple times a month he will suggest we go out to breakfast….in Highlands, NC! You’ll be  hearing and seeing lots more about The Girlfriend!  We now take day trips up into the North Carolina mountains just to have breakfast, LOL!

For those of you still with me here, Thank you!  I’ll try not to bore you with lots of car photos.  I’ll try to post more yarn fiber-y content.  And I’ll try to post more often.

Catch Up


Well, I’m not getting any better at this am I?  Southern Snowman

Let’s see.   The weather this winter has been uncooperative to make hiking every week a possibility.  It was wicked cold most of January and I opted out.  I find no pleasure hiking in the cold, wind & wet.  I hope to rejoin my group of hardy hikers very soon.

I started cooking.  Yes, this is exciting news.  I do not enjoy cooking.  Especially if all my hard (or easy for that mater) work goes under appreciated.  My dear ELPH is a wonderful man and I love him to the ends of the Earth but we all have our little idiosyncrasies.  ELPH is an Engineer by trade.  It’s in his genetic makeup.  He is always solving problems, looking for ways to make processes more efficient.  In the past one of these problems and processes has been my cooking.  I’m not a bad cook, just not a very imaginative one.  Basic meat & potatoes home style cooking.  But deep inside I’m also a very sensitive person so any type of comment, suggestion, or un-asked for advice is viewed in my eyes as criticism.  So small comments like ‘what? no gravy?’ (and many others I will not go into because this is starting to become a long rant/rag on my amazing ELPH) really put me off cooking….anything.  SO.  I bought a new crockpot and started simple; Chili, Lemon Garlic Chicken.    Lemon Garlic ChickenI love the crockpot because it it only one dish to clean and I can start it and forget it.  Definitely my kind of cooking!  After a couple successful crockpot meals I moved on to actual stovetop/oven cooking.  Eggplant Rollatini, Italian Meatloaf, Baked Parmesan Chicken (Pinterest has some wonderful recipes).  The most amazing thing?  ELPH has liked everything I’ve made.  Really LIKED it!  Like gave my meals ‘a 9 out of 10’.  He said “I don’t know what would make it a 10 but I’m reserving 10”  I can live with that!  And because he has not offered any ‘help’ or ‘advice’ I find that I can enjoy cooking.

Cabled Headband

I knitted slippers for my twin nieces for Christmas.  The girls went off to their freshman year in college last fall and requested slippers for Dorm wear.  I made myself a quick cabled headband.  (And now that isn’t grey hair.  It’s strands of Glitter thankyouverymuch!)  I’d never done cables before and it was way easier than I imagined.   Recently I’ve started a baby blanket for a friends daughter who is having twins (so I’ll have to get on this and make the other one before end of March!).  It’s a simple pattern and doesn’t take much yarn.  It will be a great size for when they are newborn and can graduate to carseat/stroller blanket later.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.24.58 PM

Oh and my new favorite cocktail!  It’s called a Werther’s and it tatses just like the candy. Mmmmm.

I’ll see if I can find more interesting stuff to blog about real soon.

New Hobby

ELPH was a Skeet Shooter in college.  He started practicing again last year and has recently begun shooting at the Registered Shoots at our local Gun Club. He shot a 92 out of 100 last week! Not too shabby.

But after soundly whooping him shortly after taking up Pistol shooting a few years ago …

I Win!

I Win!

I thought I’d give him a chance to get reacquainted with Skeet before I tried it :)    After a couple afternoons just watching at the field I decided to give it a go.

And promptly demonstrated how NOT to shoulder a shotgun…




IMG_3685 .

Yea, that’s so not my shoulder.  Don’t do that.  It really did look worse than it felt.  My brother has hit me harder ;-/   Anyway having missed 19 out of 25 shots I still really enjoyed the experience (it’s totally awesome when you hit the clay and it blows up!).  So my Ever Patient Loving Husband (ELPH) bought me my very own shotgun.

It’s a Beretta 692 Over/Under 12 gauge with 28″ barrels.  Isn’t she pretty?!

I call her Vera :D

I am too excited about getting it!!   ELPH even set up with a lesson with Master Instructor Doug Thompson.   Invaluable information & instruction.  So much new information to remember.  I at least know immediately what I’ve done wrong, LOL!   I had the gun about 4 weeks before I was willing to send it off for modifications.  First thing I’m having done is getting an adjustable Buttplate put on it.  It will help me position the stock correctly into my shoulder every time.  Then later I’ll have it fitted with 20 & 28 gauge tubes so I can shoot smaller loads.


















Thanksgiving Success

Thanksgiving should be done all year.  And I am grateful EVERY DAY for all that I have.  An Ever Loving Patient Husband (ELPH) who puts up with all my delightful defects, this beautiful home we live in and the beautiful property it rests on.   I know how lucky I am.

This Thanksgiving ELPH and I were blessed with a visit from my baby Brother & his lovely wife.


They’ve recently relocated from Alameda, CA to Indianapolis, IN and drove down arriving late Thursday afternoon.  We chilled and ate pizza, had a few drinks and just relaxed.  Our plan all along was to have Thanksgiving on Friday.  None of us are ‘go to the mall’ shoppers so Black Friday was just a regular Friday for us.

IMG_5217Our wedding china, my MIL’s 1940’s silver, the personal salt & pepper sets from my sister  Salley.  Simple Pilgrims and dollar store leaves decorated our Thanksgiving table this year.

ELPH prepared the turkey, stuffing and gravy.


I made herb rolls, cranberry sauce, asparagus with feta, roasted sweet potatoes, blueberry and pumpkin pie all from scratch!  Thank you For the Love of Cooking!

IMG_5222My most faithful readers, all 3 of you, know that I don’t often cook.  I CAN cook.  I’m just not overly fond of it.  ELPH is…particular so, in addition to my lack of enthusiasm this means the rare occasions when I do cook it’s by strict recipe.  Well, I want to tell you a secret.  I went out on a ledge and jumped!  With the exception of the dinner rolls I didn’t measure anything!  I just went all ‘that looks like half a cup’ crazy!  LOL!  And guess what?  It was fantastic!  The asparagus was amazing, the roasted sweet potatoes exactly right, not too much sweet and NO marshmallows!  (Marshmallows go on dessert not on your side dish IMHO.)  I have a serious crush on this website now.  Much of what I made I made ahead so I had time to think things through and not worry about sharing the oven with a turkey.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with Family, Friends and Football.  If it doesn’t rain on Thursday I’ll be hiking John Rock in Pisgah National Forest.

P.S. Just so you know, I don’t normally put up our tree this early.  Actually I don’t think I’ve ever put it up much before the 15th of December.  Just don’t get around to it till then.  But with Brother & SIL visiting I wanted it to be especially festive so there ya are.   Without small children to shop for and the nieces & nephews getting teenaged it seems my shopping will only get easier.  Gift Cards used to be so lame but they are all the rage now and I for one and thankful for that.  My nieces & nephews are wonderful children/teenagers but I don’t spend enough time with them to know what they are into and what they really need.  And I’d hate to be the lame Aunt who gives them last years “It” thing so Gift Cards it is kids!

ZPDK set to invade SC in TEN Days!

Zombie Prom Date Knitters
Zombie Prom Date Knitters

Eight of these Awesome Ladies will be arriving at my house TEN DAYS!  And I can not wait!!  See they just needed an excuse to come visit so I gave them one.  A good one!  The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fest will be in Fletcher, NC  the weekend of October 22nd.  And seeing as they graciously invited me up to Michigan for the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm spring herd shearing, the very least I could do was return the favor:)  They’ll be loading up the van and driving down middle of next week.  I am TOO EXCITED!!!!   

I’m not an over planner as plans tend to either change or get royally screwed up so I generally just “wing it”!  I do have a few things we can do/see incase we get bored:  I figure if the weather is nice a boat ride will be the order of the day.  My Ever Loving Patient Husband has graciously offered to pilot our Party Barge to the Tiki Hut or any other destination of our choosing:).  In any other free time not  talking, spinning, knitting, crocheting or drinking we can drive into town and explore historic Ram Cat Alley or  Oconee Station, tour the World of Energy  or visit the Lunney House Museum.  

On Saturday we drive up to Fletcher and spend the day groping fiber and having yarny orgasms:p   ELPH has even agreed that I can purchase a spinning wheel!!!  As long as it’s pretty:)  I figure with eight Fiber Friends I’ll have with me, I’ll bring home the prettiest wheel there:)

So if you happen to see bunch of women running wild through the streets trailing knitting needles & yarn wielding sharpened shovels, never fear!  The Zombie Prom Date Knitters are here! 

ELPH’s Birthday

One year ago today was ELPH’s 50th birthday.  50!  And how did we celebrate?  My cousins and their husbands came to stay for a week.

Patti Frank Sharon Dave 020

Did I throw him a party?  No.  Did I buy him the coolest gift ever?  No.  Did I bake him a cake?  No.

The man is so difficult to buy for!!!  He is VERY particular .  He researches purchases into the ground and then researches some more.  It takes him a year to buy a car.  But you know what?  He always gets exactly what he wants.  *cheesy grin*   How the hell he ended up with me is still a mystery!

This year I figured the very least I could do for his 51st birthday was call the neighbors and invited everyone for cake and ice cream.  I even made his favorite cake.  Devil’s Food with chocolate frosting. This has got to be the ugliest cake I have ever made.  It’s pathetic.


First mistake I made was not putting on my reading glasses.  Had I done that I would have read the directions correctly and added 1 and 1/3 cups of water.  Instead I added 2 cups (There was a picture of two cups!!!).  Makes for a watery batter.  Doesn’t rise well either.  And so moist you can’t touch it without pulling a layer of cake off.  Let me tell you, this baby was a real bear to frost!  I told ELPH I’d stop at the grocery tomorrow and pick up a real cake but he said he wanted this one.  Sigh. The neighbors are never going to let me forget this.

Happy 51st Birthday my love.

Shhh! I’m counting…

Photo courtesy of Tahki Stacy Charles Crochet, 2007 2d Edition Pamphlet

Photo courtesy of Tahki Stacy Charles Crochet, 2007 2d Edition Pamphlet

Sometimes getting into a groove on a project is a problem.  I’ve been wanting to make the Lacy Top Cardigan (designed by Doris Chan. PDF pattern is available for free download on ) for my SIL ever since we saw the pattern while shopping together in 2007. Yes, two years.  Well I’ve started on it.  Really.  And it’s an easy pattern too.   But it does require a certain amount of concentration which means I can’t take it to Knit Night (yes I know this sweater is not knit and most of you know I don’t knit but Knit Night just rolls off the tongue nicer and besides I’m the only Crocheter there so my vote doesn’t go far in the name game) because we talk too much to keep count and I end up frogging most of what I do and that leaves me pretty much where I started before I even got there (DEEP INHALE!).  My that was a long run on sentence!

Most other nights my problem is the ELPH.  Don’t get me wrong!  He is the most awesome, Ever Loving, Patient Husband there is and I don’t know what I did to deserve him but, the ‘kids’ have him under their little paws.

I usually get home before ELPH.  In his awesomeness he doesn’t expect me to be wearing nothing but an apron and have dinner on the table when he arrives home but he does kinda like for me to have some idea of what I’m going to microwave (and when) or have something in mind that HE can cook for us.  After dinner, about the time I get all settled in on the sofa with my yarn & pattern & glass of wine, the dog needs to go out.  ‘Fine! Lets get this

over with! ‘  And out we go.  Now Sparkie and I can scarcely go outside with out Jaspurr in tow.  Sparkie sniffs around and does her thing, Jaspurr wanders off and then Spark & I head back to the house.

PITAC at Window

I get all settled in again when Jaspurr jumps up on the back of the front porch bench, looks in the window and proceeds to SCRATCH HIS NAILS ON THE GLASS to be let in!  Now the ELPH & I will take turns letting the little PITAC (Pain In The Ass Cat) in and out but here’s my little secret.  When ELPH is not home?  That PITAC goes out after dinner and stays out until it’s darned convenient (like at the end of a row or a commercial) for me to get up & let his little ass in!  Same goes for the dog.  No matter how many times she ‘dolphins’ me with her nose!

Sweet_Guy_Scarf_mediumSo, when I can’t work on my SIL’s beautiful cardigan I make fast, easy things.  Like the Sweetest Guy Scarf(Also availabe for free at  We all know a sweet guy don’t we?  Go!  Make him this scarf in his favorite NFL team colors.  You can find that list over on Holly’s blog Knit with Snot for You .  Go!  She put a lot of work into that list, the least you can do is use it!  Besides that she’s a RIOT!

Breezy Hat

I also made the Breezy Hat designed by Linda Permann (pattern currently only available the Summer 2009 edition of Interweave Crochet )

It was a fast project and easy to transport and I used left over yarn from the Secret Project.  I’ll probably make some more in solids and Clemson colors.

So if you don’t see anything new here you can find me sitting on the sofa trying to count.