I took a quick trip to Chicago this past weekend for an impromptu mini family reunion. One of my cousins was going to be in town on business and wanted to see everyone but just couldn’t get to everyone.  So my sister Phyllis put out the word “Party at my Place!” and well, we all came:)


Most of these incredibly beautiful (and modest) people still live in the Chicago area but like most of you we just don’t get around to making the time to visit.  It takes an ‘event’ to get together.  And we are not above inventing an event to do it:)

Don’t you want to look a good as my Aunt Dorothy when you’re 80?!   Yes, she’s beautiful!  (And she’ll probably kill me for posting her picture AND telling her age.  Worth it.)


Some of us had not seen each other in so long we were asking for name tags.  Now that’s just pathetic.


But we have vowed not to wait that long again and my sister is already planning next years reunion.

IMG_3077See y’all then!

3 thoughts on “Family

  1. I hate it that it takes an “event” to get families together but love it when it happens. I guess my family is due for an event….even if we have to make on up like you said.

  2. I’m so glad you had a great time! I enjoyed looking at your pictures…what a happy family!!! And for what its worth…I wish I looked as good as Aunt Dorothy NOW!

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