Thanksgiving Success

Thanksgiving should be done all year.  And I am grateful EVERY DAY for all that I have.  An Ever Loving Patient Husband (ELPH) who puts up with all my delightful defects, this beautiful home we live in and the beautiful property it rests on.   I know how lucky I am.

This Thanksgiving ELPH and I were blessed with a visit from my baby Brother & his lovely wife.


They’ve recently relocated from Alameda, CA to Indianapolis, IN and drove down arriving late Thursday afternoon.  We chilled and ate pizza, had a few drinks and just relaxed.  Our plan all along was to have Thanksgiving on Friday.  None of us are ‘go to the mall’ shoppers so Black Friday was just a regular Friday for us.

IMG_5217Our wedding china, my MIL’s 1940’s silver, the personal salt & pepper sets from my sister  Salley.  Simple Pilgrims and dollar store leaves decorated our Thanksgiving table this year.

ELPH prepared the turkey, stuffing and gravy.


I made herb rolls, cranberry sauce, asparagus with feta, roasted sweet potatoes, blueberry and pumpkin pie all from scratch!  Thank you For the Love of Cooking!

IMG_5222My most faithful readers, all 3 of you, know that I don’t often cook.  I CAN cook.  I’m just not overly fond of it.  ELPH is…particular so, in addition to my lack of enthusiasm this means the rare occasions when I do cook it’s by strict recipe.  Well, I want to tell you a secret.  I went out on a ledge and jumped!  With the exception of the dinner rolls I didn’t measure anything!  I just went all ‘that looks like half a cup’ crazy!  LOL!  And guess what?  It was fantastic!  The asparagus was amazing, the roasted sweet potatoes exactly right, not too much sweet and NO marshmallows!  (Marshmallows go on dessert not on your side dish IMHO.)  I have a serious crush on this website now.  Much of what I made I made ahead so I had time to think things through and not worry about sharing the oven with a turkey.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with Family, Friends and Football.  If it doesn’t rain on Thursday I’ll be hiking John Rock in Pisgah National Forest.

P.S. Just so you know, I don’t normally put up our tree this early.  Actually I don’t think I’ve ever put it up much before the 15th of December.  Just don’t get around to it till then.  But with Brother & SIL visiting I wanted it to be especially festive so there ya are.   Without small children to shop for and the nieces & nephews getting teenaged it seems my shopping will only get easier.  Gift Cards used to be so lame but they are all the rage now and I for one and thankful for that.  My nieces & nephews are wonderful children/teenagers but I don’t spend enough time with them to know what they are into and what they really need.  And I’d hate to be the lame Aunt who gives them last years “It” thing so Gift Cards it is kids!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Success

  1. Well I think you did a great job. And yes you do have a lot to be thankful for year-round, As we all do if we just recognize that. I’m glad it looks like you had a good time with J. & J.

  2. I agree with you – it would be wonderful if we could all remember to be thankful every day! I’m like you about cooking, and my husband loves cooking!

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