Hiking Pinnacle Trail

Just three of us were able to make it this week; Talley, Dean & myself tackled Pinnacle Trail up to Bald Rock at Table Rock State Park. Well Talley and I tackled.  Dean breezed up the hill.  The Foothills Trail Guidebook says it’s “a wooded section of trail which ascends some 2,000 feet in the first three miles and maintains a fairly gentle rate of ascent”.  That is accurate.  And seeing as we were hiking 3.6 miles to our lunch spot ‘strenuous’ about covers it.  But was it beautiful day for a hike!

The morning started out sunny, clear and somewhere in the  30F ‘s.  Layers, ear warmers & gloves were definitely needed…at the start anyway.   We started at Carrick Creek Interpretive Center in Table Rock State Park.  The trail follows a small stream for about half a mile.  So pretty!


There are several stream crossings within the first mile of trail.  Several have well constructed (by Scouts) bridges,


some have well placed stepping stones.

IMG_5330These stream crossings were made especially easy by the early Christmas gift of Trekking Poles from my sister Salley!

Two miles in we were stripping off layers, gloves & ear warmers. Hiking uphill gets the blood pumping!

Huge boulders,

IMG_5315sheer rock walls and waterfalls


Waterfall path(yes, that is where the trail goes)

dot the land around this part of the trail.  At 3.2 mile the guidebook states ” Pinnacle Trail turns right and ascends”.  They weren’t kidding.  That last half mile to Bald Rock was killer!  I was so happy to see that bald rock I laid right down in the middle of it!  That’s when Dean informed me that we weren’t quite there yet.  Damn.  Now I have to get up!  Not as easy a task as it once was, LOL!

Just a short distance up the trail is an “open rock outcrop on the southeast side of Pinnacle Mountain” where we all sat down for lunch. The view was spectacular!


Table Rock

That lake there? That's where we strated.

That lake there? That's where we started.

IMG_5325 - Version 2

PB&J, an apple and some  cheese made up my energizing lunch and just a short 30 minutes after we arrived we were headed back down.  The going was much easier on the lungs but not so easy on the knees.  (Again those Trekking Poles came in really handy!)  Getting older is Hell.  It took us almost as long to get down as it did to climb which was surprise to me.  I believe it was a total of 6 hours in the park and 7.2 miles.  My longest hike yet.  I would love to see this trail in late Spring.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful view from the top!! I’m glad you like the trekking poles. I hope you enjoy years of great hikes with them.

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