Actual Knitting

Completed knitting at that.

A few months ago a dear friend of mine announced she was pregnant.  And like any crafter worth her salt I offered to make the baby something.  As I have made blankets for her three other children the Mother-to-Be was thrilled with my offer.  She is doing the nursery in pewter & pink and so ….I cast on The Tweed Baby Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed.


The colors aren’t true in the photos which is a shame.  Two are lovely shades of light & dark grey and the one is a pretty baby pink.  The dark grey wants to look green in these photos for some reason.


The Fan & Feather margin was so much easier than I thought it would be, as was the I-Cord bind-off.   This was a project of several ‘firsts’ for me.  Once I got past the initial brain paralysis after reading the pattern I did O.K.  I have a tendency to over think things which sends my brain spinning out of control until I can no longer think at all, LOL!      The blanket was a pleasure to make and VERY easy once I stopped thinking about it.  I would certainly make it again given the opportunity.


The pattern page I linked to shows the blanket knit in a beautiful wool yarn.  Wool?  For a baby?  Really?  Not only do babies rival Linda Blair in expelling bodily fluids but who would give a hand washable/lay flat to dry item as a gift to a woman who already has a husband, 3 children, and a job outside the home??  Not this knitter.  Like the other blankets I made for her children this blanket is a super soft acrylic and can be pooped on, spit up on and then safely thrown in the washer/dryer to survive another day.

The baby isn’t due until March so I have plenty of time to get it to Mother-to-Be.  I’ll be sure to ask for a photo of the baby with it.

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  1. Oh my gosh. What a beautiful gift. I’ve always wanted to do this but can only keep focused on very small projects like scarves . . .

    Laughing out loud at comment #3 up there, too.

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