Snow and Sock Knitting

snowOriginally being from the Chicago area and then spending several years in my early 20’s in Steamboat Springs Colorado, I find it comical that the schools were closed due to the snow today.  No I didn’t shovel the sidewalk.  The snow never accumulated on the hard surfaces here.  When I took the dog out this morning the roads in the neighborhood were quite slippery and I must admit I probably would not have been able to get my truck up and out of the drive because of the thin layer of ice.

Atlanta is about 90 miles south of here and we saw on the news that they received even more snow than we did.  Some poor souls were stuck in traffic in their cars all night long.

Photo courtesy of  11 Alive News Atlanta

It’s almost noon and just barely 32F.  But the sun is shining and it’s very pretty to look at, especially from my fireside knitting chair.

And speaking of knitting.  I’m attempting Socks.  Real socks made with real sock yarn on teeny tiny size 1 needles.  I’m a slooow knitter and have the attention span of a gnat.  Reading and following directions are not natural to me :)   BUT I joined a Mystery Knit-a-Long on Ravelry because it would dole out the pattern in stages.  Week 1 the cuff, just ten rows.  Week 2 the leg, 3 the heel, 4 the gusset and 5 the toe.  I figured this was just my speed.  I mean who can’t knit ten rows (or 20 if I started the second sock) in a week?  Um, me.  It is now Week 3 and I have just managed to get both socks to the Week 2 stage.

Socks - Week 1

Socks - Week 1

For those interested it has a Picot cast on for a frilly edge on the cuff.  Week 2 is the leg and it has a pretty pattern all down the front and some of the back.  I might get it done before July ;-/  Of course if we get more snow I may finish earlier :D

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  1. Glad you didn’t get any worse weather than you did.. Those poor people all stranded in Atlanta!
    I think I will hold off on learning the picot cast! Haha
    It’s pretty though, love that color.

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