ZPDK invade SC!

Where to start?!  Goodness!  The ZPDK (Zombie Prom Date Knitter) Bus arrived safely on Thursday night and shortly there after gifts and wine were opened.

I put together Goodie Bags for the ladies so’s they wouldn’t for get me:)  They got cool ‘Resort’ drink Koozies designed by the ELPH…



and felted skull keychains knitted by me:)



and South Carolina T-Shirts



Terry even brought ELPH a gift


They brought me a lovely basket of yarn, patterns, fiber and a drop spindle but I didn’t take a photo:(  but I think Beth did:) 

The drinking continued into the wee hours of the morning (3am) and some of us were feeling a bit under the weather (MeTerryKim) but most of us managed to rally when ELPH offered to take us for a boat ride up to a pretty little waterfall.


After returning home we we drove into town for lunch and a little retail therapy.  Then it was back to the house for Knitting & Crocheting and Spinning fiber (some of us drank some more) while Kim prepared the most wonderful meal.

Stay tuned for Saturdays trip to Fletcher, NC and all the details from the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fest!

ELPH’s Birthday

One year ago today was ELPH’s 50th birthday.  50!  And how did we celebrate?  My cousins and their husbands came to stay for a week.

Patti Frank Sharon Dave 020

Did I throw him a party?  No.  Did I buy him the coolest gift ever?  No.  Did I bake him a cake?  No.

The man is so difficult to buy for!!!  He is VERY particular .  He researches purchases into the ground and then researches some more.  It takes him a year to buy a car.  But you know what?  He always gets exactly what he wants.  *cheesy grin*   How the hell he ended up with me is still a mystery!

This year I figured the very least I could do for his 51st birthday was call the neighbors and invited everyone for cake and ice cream.  I even made his favorite cake.  Devil’s Food with chocolate frosting. This has got to be the ugliest cake I have ever made.  It’s pathetic.


First mistake I made was not putting on my reading glasses.  Had I done that I would have read the directions correctly and added 1 and 1/3 cups of water.  Instead I added 2 cups (There was a picture of two cups!!!).  Makes for a watery batter.  Doesn’t rise well either.  And so moist you can’t touch it without pulling a layer of cake off.  Let me tell you, this baby was a real bear to frost!  I told ELPH I’d stop at the grocery tomorrow and pick up a real cake but he said he wanted this one.  Sigh. The neighbors are never going to let me forget this.

Happy 51st Birthday my love.

Shhh! I’m counting…

Photo courtesy of Tahki Stacy Charles Crochet, 2007 2d Edition Pamphlet

Photo courtesy of Tahki Stacy Charles Crochet, 2007 2d Edition Pamphlet

Sometimes getting into a groove on a project is a problem.  I’ve been wanting to make the Lacy Top Cardigan (designed by Doris Chan. PDF pattern is available for free download on Ravelry.com ) for my SIL ever since we saw the pattern while shopping together in 2007. Yes, two years.  Well I’ve started on it.  Really.  And it’s an easy pattern too.   But it does require a certain amount of concentration which means I can’t take it to Knit Night (yes I know this sweater is not knit and most of you know I don’t knit but Knit Night just rolls off the tongue nicer and besides I’m the only Crocheter there so my vote doesn’t go far in the name game) because we talk too much to keep count and I end up frogging most of what I do and that leaves me pretty much where I started before I even got there (DEEP INHALE!).  My that was a long run on sentence!

Most other nights my problem is the ELPH.  Don’t get me wrong!  He is the most awesome, Ever Loving, Patient Husband there is and I don’t know what I did to deserve him but, the ‘kids’ have him under their little paws.

I usually get home before ELPH.  In his awesomeness he doesn’t expect me to be wearing nothing but an apron and have dinner on the table when he arrives home but he does kinda like for me to have some idea of what I’m going to microwave (and when) or have something in mind that HE can cook for us.  After dinner, about the time I get all settled in on the sofa with my yarn & pattern & glass of wine, the dog needs to go out.  ‘Fine! Lets get this

over with! ‘  And out we go.  Now Sparkie and I can scarcely go outside with out Jaspurr in tow.  Sparkie sniffs around and does her thing, Jaspurr wanders off and then Spark & I head back to the house.

PITAC at Window

I get all settled in again when Jaspurr jumps up on the back of the front porch bench, looks in the window and proceeds to SCRATCH HIS NAILS ON THE GLASS to be let in!  Now the ELPH & I will take turns letting the little PITAC (Pain In The Ass Cat) in and out but here’s my little secret.  When ELPH is not home?  That PITAC goes out after dinner and stays out until it’s darned convenient (like at the end of a row or a commercial) for me to get up & let his little ass in!  Same goes for the dog.  No matter how many times she ‘dolphins’ me with her nose!

Sweet_Guy_Scarf_mediumSo, when I can’t work on my SIL’s beautiful cardigan I make fast, easy things.  Like the Sweetest Guy Scarf(Also availabe for free at Ravelry.com)  We all know a sweet guy don’t we?  Go!  Make him this scarf in his favorite NFL team colors.  You can find that list over on Holly’s blog Knit with Snot for You .  Go!  She put a lot of work into that list, the least you can do is use it!  Besides that she’s a RIOT!

Breezy Hat

I also made the Breezy Hat designed by Linda Permann (pattern currently only available the Summer 2009 edition of Interweave Crochet )

It was a fast project and easy to transport and I used left over yarn from the Secret Project.  I’ll probably make some more in solids and Clemson colors.

So if you don’t see anything new here you can find me sitting on the sofa trying to count.

ELPH Beat Me

At the Range that is.  And I have the bruised ego to prove it.

ELPH wins Nov 2009

ELPH – 356                                                                                          Linda – 339

No, I didn’t ‘let’ him win and yes it was fair & square.  If of course, you take into account that he has modified his weapon and I have not.  Ok he hasn’t put a scope on it or anything.  He replaced the factory sights with some pretty sweet fiber optic Williams Fire Sights.  These sights have improved his ability to actually put all 40 shots on the page which helps the score. And as you can see they clearly have enhanced his ability to hit the center of the target.

My only consolation is that ELPH hasn’t beaten my high score of 362, ……. yet.

Stay-cations are the Best!

I can’t remember the last time ELPH & I took a vacation and pretty much did nothing …..and LOVED it! 

Uncle JimMy Dad came to stay with us a few days last week.  ELPH had a Honey Do List and Dad was a huge help.   What’s the saying?   Many hands make for light work.  ELPH was very happy to have the help and company.  Dad only lives a few hours away and we love haveing him here.

On Friday my Cousins and their husbands arrived and we spent all day Saturday on the lake.

 Dave n Sharon 034Patti n Frank 031

  We took them to see a small waterfall and a little island we’ve named “Jumping Off Rock”  where crazy young people climb up and jump off  the 20 foot high rock into the lake.  Then we cruised up to the Cliffs Marina and had lunch out on the deck. 

ELPH and I both have birthdays in September  so before my Dad left for home we had an early birthday celebration.  This year ELPH turned 50.  Did I do anything special for his Big 50?  You betcha!  I invited my cousins & their husbands to stay with us!    I didn’t even bake him a cake.   I’m just awesome like that.  I got him a few things he’d said he wanted.  He celebrated his birthday by shopping for mine.  He bought me a Henry .22 Golden Boy, Lever Action, Long Rifle !


It’s SWEET!  Shoots like a dream and the lever action is so smooth.  I LOVE it!   Of course we had to take it to the range to try it out! 

Now my cousins are not big on guns…at ALL.  They call me the Crazy Cousin with the Guns.  So I was determined to at least educate them a little about guns hoping to alleviate some of their fears.

 Charlies Angels 014

 I think they got over it!

After the range we hiked Issaqueena Falls and took tons of photos but I’ll only bore you with these two.  

IMG_5016 007

Jeff at Issaqueena Falls 015









 That evening we washed our faces and combed our hair, put on some clean clothes and took some family photos.




S-Dave and I S.C.

















 That’s enough for one post.  More tomorrow.

Having Kids is a lot of Work

They’re all Go Go Go!  Until they sleep.  After exploring Stumphouse Tunnel and hiking Issaqueena Falls, Nephew (he’s 8) wanted to do nothing but ride the wave-runner.  By himself.  We had to explain that there is a Law that says he’s too young to ride them alone.  But when I told him that ELPH  would ride with him, on the back, he was all for it! 

ELPH and M

Look at him!  He’s ready to pull that throttle!  ELPH showed him the ropes and Nephew got the hang of things pretty quickly! 

M drives waverunner

What a ham.

Niece was a different story.  She’s 14 and a very cautious girl.  She didn’t want anything to do with the wave-runner.  I probably wouldn’t either if I had just seen my Aunt rocket away from the dock like her hair was on fire!  So I took Salley (my baby sister) out and showed her how to handle it.

Bat Wings

(I used my bat wings to slow us down;-)  But after some serious badgering teasing threatening cajoling, Niece decided to give it a try if I promised not to go too fast or do any donuts.  Fine. FINE!  J drives waverunner

She was a real speed demon trooper!

The Competition was Close

Shortly after I gave the ELPH his last beat down at the range, he decided he needed a new pistol. Just.like.mine!  I must admit I love my Stainless Camper and I’m more accurate with it than I am with ELPH’s CZ Kadet.  So two weekends ago we sighted in his new Browning Buck Mark .22 Practical.


As with most Saturdays lately, this past Saturday involved spending the morning at the Cedar Creek Rifle Range .

Cedar Creek Rifle Range

We arrived about an hour later than we usually do and had to wait for a station to open up but not long.  

Down Range

ELPH  bought a Dueling Swing Tree target and we were anxious to try it out.

Now to give you an idea, ELPH & I have been shooting .22 pistols at 8″ targets that are 25 yards away.  The Dueling Swing Tree targets are 2.5″ with a 1.25″ bulls-eye sticker on it. 

Swing Target





We put that one at about 30 feet out.  Let me just tell you trying to hit a 2 inch target from 25 feet is a whole lot more difficult than hitting a 8 inch target at 25 yards. 

Deep Concentration 


After a hundred rounds or so each we set up some new targets and the competition was on!   40 rounds, free standing at 25 yards.


CRAP ELPH is Improving

It was a close competition this week.  I only beat ELPH by 2 points. 

“Annie Oakley” could be in trouble next week!

Whoops! I did it again.

My crochet slows way down in the summer.  Just too much daylight.  More neighbors are home and hanging out outside.  In general for me, it’s too hot to work with yarn.  Even indoors.  I’d rather be outside.  And lately weekends outside means a morning at the Cedar Creek Rifle Range.  Yes, yes I know, you come here for crochet.  Well get over it.  I have a new hobby that will probably earn is own page here on the blog.  Why? Because as long as I keep whooping the ELPH’s butt and taking his money I’m going to keep posting photos of the targets!

ELPHs Target July 4th

Not bad.  ELPH was shooting his .22 CZ Kadet Pistol, 40 rounds, freestanding at 25 yards, with new untried ammo. We score this way; Ring 1 =10 points. Ring 2 = 9 points, 3 = 8, 4 =7 and anything outside the black is 5 points.  You only score one additional point for a Bulls-eye.  So in this case ELPH scored 271, hitting 35 out of 40 rounds.

Linda Target July 4th

Whoops! I did it again:)  Sorry Honey!  Yes I hit my target 37 out of 40 times and scored  327!  Now I’m shooting my brand new, just sighted in yesterday Browning Buck Mark Stainless Camper with fiber optic front sight and tried and true ammo.  (This is ELPH’s latest excuse for receiving a beat down at the range.)

My New Pistol

This baby is accurate!  I’ve only shot maybe 300 rounds with it and my form leaves much to be desired.  But I’m learning.

IMG_4688 005-1

ELPH will be signing us up for a Concealed Carry Class.  Not that I will ever carry it but it’s always good to learn as much as you can.

Now just so you know ELPH is a damn fine shot with his Colt M4 AR.  GM4[1] I call it his ugly gun.  He shoots very well with it.  This is his 50 yard target .

ELPHs Rifle Target July 4th

I guess I’ll have to start practicing with that so I can take even more of his money:)

It’s good to live in a country where we can have recreational target shooting.

Hope y’all are  having a safe and fantastic July 4th! 

Father’s Day 2009

Dad drove down from Tennessee on Friday afternoon for the weekend in his new (to him) car.Dads new toy

We had no plans for Friday evening but Saturday morning ELPH & I & Dad went to the gun range.   I’m new to shooting.  Don’t have a clue what type of gun I was shooting except that all of ELPH’s are .22’s.  More on that another time.  Lets just say I shoot better than they do:) 

After a couple hours tearing holes in targets at the range in 90+ degree heat it was time for a splash in the lake.  We had a great time just floating and hanging out and talking.  It’s so nice to have Dad only three hours away. Before Dad left this afternoon for home he took me for a spin in his new toy.

Fathers Day 2009

It’s a sweet ride Dad.  Enjoy!